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Centurion V Impact Resistant Steel Plates


AR500 Impact Resistant Steel Plates Manufacturer & Supplier As a high strength steel, the Centurion V is a new grade of abrasion resistant plate ideal for construction and mining applications. Centurion V is an impact resistant steel not only produced to be an ultra hard AR500 steel plate500 BHN, but is produced to be a formable plate with a flatness tolerance one half of commercial requirements.


Steel Plate Processing

Our steel plate processing of the Centurion V uses an electric furnace melting process that is vacuum degassed and fully killed steel, resulting in a product that is clean, formable, extra tough and not brittle.

AR500 Steel Plate Uses

Our impact resistant steel plates are designed for great challenging applications such as skips, crushers, chutes, chain wheels, shredders, hammers, feeders, loaders and more. Centurion is also ideal for scrap processors, heavy ore mining, raw materials handling equipment, agitation paddles, dredge slurry hoppers and anchors. Centurion V can be machined using high speed or carbide tipped tooling. Call our sales team for more specific machining instructions or to order a steel plate.

Centurion V Grade AR500 Steel Plate Physical Properties

  • Brinelle Hardness 480-535
  • Tensile strength 255,000/ 290,000 PSI

Plate Types: